A Ride Over to the West

Last Thursday saw us take a ride over to Grewlthorpe Moor, west of Ripon. Things didnt really go to plan on this beautiful warm day. The bike didnt feel right on the trip over with a vibration appearing whilst on the A64. I didnt feel right and my riding suffered, cumulating in aborting the ride up the moor after a couple of miles. Lunch in Masham and an inspection of the bike showed up a nail through the rear tyre. I rode the 50 plus miles back on said tyre which had 0 psi in when checked back home.

Its funny how something odd on the bike can throw out your riding! All credit to the MotoZ tyre with its super hard sidewall wich withstood the ride back without destroying itself. It did get rather warm though.

New rubber has been ordered ready for Keilder