Re-Visiting the past, Portugal 2019

2020 has been a crazy, crazy year. Work from home, not allowed out, lockdowns, tier systems have all contributed to hard times for most folk.

With bike use being cut down to a few day rides and one weekend in Kielder, I have spent some time getting together my video footage from my Portugal trip in 2019 and finally producing a full length ‘blockbuster’ of the trip.

Overall I managed to shoot 14 hours of video over the week and have now compressed this into 1 hour. Please bare in mind this is an armature production and I have been learning the skills of video editing as I go along, plenty of mistakes have been made and rectified. I appoligise for the quality of the sound on the talking parts, you soon start to learn what kit is needed to do this stuff and something close to the top of the list is a decent microphone.

I am sure you will find some of it boring, but please stick with it and watch all the way through. I have enjoyed doing it and learnt a lot for my next one…..Enjoy